Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Outreach

Adrienne Vitt

Overseeing EdAllies’ editorial publications, blog, media relations, social media, marketing, branding, and more, Adrienne works to uplift student and parent voices, ultimately fostering more candid conversations about education in Minnesota. Although her career began in journalism, Adrienne was quickly and continually drawn to education-access work; as result, she joined the founding staff of Breakthrough Saint Paul. Following a temporary return to journalism—as a business and technology reporter and journalism instructor—she found the nexus of her work in communications strategy for education-based nonprofits. After overseeing communications at Interfaith Youth Core and directing online communications strategy for DePaul University in Chicago, she eventually made her way back home to Minnesota, where she worked most recently as the Communications and Marketing Director for The Northside Achievement Zone. Adrienne graduated from the University of Minnesota, with bachelor’s degrees in Journalism, Cultural Studies, and Comparative Literature, and from DePaul University, with a master’s degree in New Media Studies. When she’s not working or spending time with her family, she explores the intersection of community-based storytelling and culinary history.

What inspires you to work in education advocacy?

The difference that a high-quality education can make in the trajectory of an entire family for generations inspires me. Education, at its most powerful, has the ability to open doors to everything from unbridled personal creativity to ending generational poverty. I’ve experienced this personally and watched it happen for many families. As such, I appreciate just how much needs to change, systemically, to make quality education an option for everyone. I’m dedicated to doing my part with the unique skills and experiences that I bring to the table.