Every Child Can Succeed. We Work to Make Sure They Do.

If Minnesota is serious about helping all children thrive, we need to make sure that historically underserved students—children of color, students with special needs, children from low-income households, and English Learners—finally receive the rigorous, engaging education they need and deserve. That’s where EdAllies comes in. We partner with schools, families, and communities to:
Advance Equity
Minnesota is home to persistent achievement, opportunity, and belief gaps that hold students back from their full potential. We work to reshape our education system to meet the needs of all students, with an emphasis on those whose needs and assets have been overlooked for too long.

Remove Barriers
We work with families, teachers, and school leaders to find the most promising strategies for success, as well as roadblocks getting in the way. Next, we relentlessly remove barriers in policy and practice to scale up what’s working and stop what’s not.

Change the Conversation
Too often education conversations center on the needs of adults and systems. They focus on students’ weaknesses rather than their strengths, suggesting that not all kids can succeed. We reject that. We believe that every child is capable of greatness—and that we need more candid, productive conversations centered on students and families.


We envision a Minnesota where every student succeeds in a rigorous and engaging education.


EdAllies partners with schools, families, and communities to ensure that every young Minnesotan has access to a rigorous and engaging education. We advance policies that put underserved students first, remove barriers facing successful schools and programs, and foster an inclusive conversation about what's possible for students.


Our values describe who we are when we are at our best. They represent our team's shared commitment to one another and how we aspire to interact with external partners, stakeholders, and the broader community.
  • Equity: We advocate for students and families who are most underserved, and model as a team the fairness and justice we wish to see in our schools and community.
  • Inventiveness: We envision a Minnesota where all students excel, and strategically pursue bold ideas and creative solutions to expand educational opportunities and improve academic outcomes.
  • Humility: We recognize that our perspectives are limited and actively seek out and build relationships with diverse partners to strengthen our work, broaden our thinking, and share in our successes.
  • Honesty: We are transparent about our work, direct about what is and is not working for students, and committed to being an authentic partner.
  • Courage: We know that all students can succeed, so we set ambitious goals to make that vision a reality - working through adversity, discomfort, and inevitable setbacks to make meaningful progress.

Meet Our Team

Our team members have diverse backgrounds in teaching, government, research, communications, and policy, but we all have one thing in common: We know that every Minnesota student can excel in a rigorous and engaging school, and we're ready to work to make this happen.
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Our board consists of a dedicated group of local education champions, including school, business, and community leaders, as well as policy experts and parents. Their collective expertise and shared commitment to equity push EdAllies to help ensure that every young Minnesotan has access to a rigorous and engaging education.
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We're thankful for the funders whose generous contributions make our work for Minnesota students possible.
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