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Eliminating Barriers for Teachers of Color in Minnesota: Lessons from Aspiring Teachers

As of 2023, students of color and indigenous students made up about 38% of Minnesota’s K-12 population, but teachers of […]

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We examine data, issues and policies impacting Minnesota's most underserved students—providing recommendations and tools to advanced educational equity.

A Call to Action on Literacy in Minnesota: Recommendations By Minnesota’s Path Forward Literacy Team

Closing the Rigorous Coursework Gap, Part 2: Access and Success for Minnesota’s Low-income Students, English Learners, and Students with Disabilities

Closing the Rigorous Coursework Gap: Supporting College & Career Readiness for Minnesota’s Students of Color


EdAllies Legislative Scorecard

Minnesota Distance Learning Plans By the Numbers

10 Things All Teacher Candidates Should Learn in Teacher Prep

Learning from the Minnesota Student Survey

Education Gaps at a Glance

5 Strategies for Personalized Learning


Great Teachers for All Minnesota Classrooms: Progress & Next Steps

opportunity scholarships

The Case for Transparency & Equity: Improving MN’s Opportunity Scholarship Proposal

Research Rundown

In addition to our own briefs and reports, we publish the Research Rundown—our curated list of recent, relevant research from universities, think tanks, and other reputable sources to inform the education equity conversation.

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The Long-Term Effects of Universal Preschool in Boston

Will Students Come Back? School Hesitancy Among Parents and Their Preferences for COVID-19 Safety Practices in Schools

Accelerate, Don’t Remediate: New Evidence from Elementary Math Classrooms

The Effect of Universal Free Meals on Student Perceptions of School Climate: Evidence from New York City

The School to Prison Pipeline: Long-Run Impacts of School Suspensions on Adult Crime

Coronavirus Tracking Survey K-12 Methodology and Topline Results

Changing the Composition of Beginning Teachers: The Role of State Alternative Certification Policies

Bias in the Air: A Nationwide Exploration of Teachers’ Implicit Racial Attitudes Aggregate Bias, and Student Outcomes

Supports Associated with Teacher Retention in Michigan

Learning during COVID-19: Reading and math achievement in the 2020-21 school year

Driven by Data: Using licensure tests to build a strong, diverse teacher workforce

College Enrollment and Mandatory FAFSA Applications: Evidence from Louisiana

Undergraduate Fall 2021 Enrollment Data

The Effect of Free School Meals on Household Food Purchases: Evidence from the Community Eligibility Provision

Priced Out of Public Schools: District Lines, Housing Access, and Inequitable Educational Options

The Effects of Middle School Remediation on Postsecondary Success: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Florida

English Learners in Chicago Public Schools: An Exploration of the Influence of Pre-K and Early Grade Years

The Effect of Discipline Reform Plans on Exclusionary Discipline Outcomes in Minnesota

Teacher Licensing, Teacher Supply, and Student Achievement: Nationwide Implementation of edTPA

Students start to recover from COVID instructional loss

The Effects of School Reopenings on COVID-19 Hospitalizations

U-Turn: Surge of COVID Cases Reverses Reopening Progress in America’s School Districts

Will This School Year Be Another Casualty of the Pandemic?

Fall Undergraduate Enrollment Data

Learning during COVID-19: Initial findings on students’ reading and math achievement and growth

Growing Teachers from Within: Implementation Impact, and Cost of an Alternative Teacher Preparation Program in Three Urban School Districts

Missing in the Margins: Estimating the Scale of the COVID-19 Attendance Crisis

National Analysis of 2020-21 Reopening Plans

To What Extent Does In-Person School Contribute to the Spread of COVID-19?

Voices from the Classroom 2021: A Survey of America’s Educators

Urban and Rural Districts Showed a Strong Divide During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Making Schools Safer and/or Escalating Disciplinary Response: A Study of Police Officers in North Carolina Schools

Student Mental Health During the Pandemic: Educator and Teen Perspectives

The Impact of Summer Learning Programs on Low-Income Children’s Mathematics Achievement: A Meta-Analysis

Preventable Failure: Improvements in Long-Term Outcomes when High Schools Focused on the Ninth Grade Year

Year-End Assessment Survey: Initial Findings from a Nationwide Survey of Public-School Parents

COVID-19 Means More Students Not Learning to Read

Do School Counselors Exhibit Bias in Recommending Students for Advanced Coursework?

Charter Schools Show Steeper Upward Trend in Student Achievement than District Schools

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Student Achievement on Ohio’s Third-Grade English Language Arts Assessment

Lost Opportunities: How Disparate School Discipline Continues to Drive Differences in the Opportunity to Learn

Too Many Schools Leave Learning to Chance During the Pandemic

Voices from the (Virtual) Classroom

The Effects of Police Violence on Students

Getting Tough? The Effects of Discretionary Principal Discipline on Student Outcomes

Understanding the Coronavirus Study

EdWeek Survey of Teachers and District Leaders

The Role of Advanced Placement in Bridging Excellence Gaps

District Responses to COVID-19 School Closures

Teaching and Leading Through a Pandemic: Key Findings from the American Educator Panels Spring 2020 COVID-19 Surveys

Students Count: Highlights from COVID-19 Student Surveys

The COVID-19 Slide: What summer learning loss can tell us about the potential impact of school closures on student academic achievement

Estimates of Learning Loss in the 2019-20 School Year

Aligning Housing and Education: Evidence of Promising Practices and Structural Challenges

Schooling Covid-19: Lessons From Leading Charter Networks From Their Transition to Remote Learning

The Economic Impacts of COVID-19: Evidence from a New Public Database Built from Private Sector Data

COVID-19 and Student Learning in the United States: The Hurt Could Last a Lifetime

School Practices to Address Student Learning Loss

2020-21 Fall Reopening Plans and Summer Responses to COVID-19 Closures

2020 Education Next Survey

Broken Mirrors

Some College, No Degree: A 2019 Snapshot for the Nation and 50 States

Are Achievement Gaps Related to Discipline Gaps? Evidence from National Data

If You Listen, We Will Stay: Why Teachers of Color Leave and How to Disrupt Teacher Turnover.

The Postsecondary Education and Employment Pathways of Minnesota Public High School Graduates: Investigating Opportunity Gaps

Rising Tide: Charter School Market Share and Student Achievement

Principal and Teacher Preparation to Support the Needs of Diverse Students

The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health

One Course, Many Outcomes: A Multi-Site Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Early Algebra Across California Middle Schools

Beyond Suspensions: Examining School Discipline Policies and Connections to the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Students of Color with Disabilities

2019 Education Next Poll

School Segregation at The Classroom Level in A Southern ‘New Destination’ State

Program Performance in Early Reading Instruction

Testing, Teacher Turnover and the Distribution of Teachers across Grades and Schools

Voices from the Classroom 2020: A Survey of America’s Educators

Inequities in Advanced Coursework: What’s Driving Them and What Leaders Can Do

Young Learners, Missed Opportunities: Ensuring that Black and Latino Children Have Access to High-Quality State-Funded Preschool

Assessing the Assessment: Evidence of Reliability and Validity in the edTPA

What to Make of Declining Enrollment in Teacher Preparation Programs

Charter School Effects on Segregation

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