2019 Education Next Poll

Research Rundown Issue: December '19
Publisher: Education Next
Date Published: August '19


Education Next’s annual poll, administered in May 2019, gathered responses from a sample of 3,046 respondents as well as more detailed samples of teachers, black, and Latino adults. While their poll found an overall increase of public support for charter schools, there was a divide along the lines of race and ethnicity lines among Democrats. The poll found that large pluralities of black and Latino Democrats support targeted vouchers, universal vouchers, and charter schools, with lower support among white Democrats. These results align with findings from other recent polls.

Why This Matters in Minnesota

Just under 7% of Minnesota students attend a charter school. Many are designed specifically to meet the needs of historically underserved students, and as a result, charters serve larger proportions of low-income students (54%), English learners (20%), and students of color (60%) than the statewide averages. Despite the fact that parents are seeking out high-quality school options–and that charters are providing opportunities for students who have been historically underserved–DFL Rep. John Lesch recently announced that he is currently drafting a charter moratorium bill. The role of charters and choice is a growing conversation both locally and nationally. For local stories and perspectives, visit EdAllies’ Real Voice. Real Choice website, and listen to this recent 8 Black Hands podcast, recorded live in Minneapolis.

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