EdAllies partners with schools, families, and communities to ensure that every young Minnesotan has access to a rigorous and engaging education. We advance policies that put underserved students first, remove barriers facing successful schools and programs, and foster an inclusive conversation about what's possible for students.


We envision a Minnesota where every student succeeds in a rigorous and engaging education.


  • Equity: We advocate for students and families who are most underserved, and model as a team the fairness and justice we wish to see in our schools and community.
  • Inventiveness: We envision a Minnesota where all students excel, and strategically pursue bold ideas and creative solutions to expand educational opportunities and improve academic outcomes.
  • Humility: We recognize that our perspectives are limited and actively seek out and build relationships with diverse partners to strengthen our work, broaden our thinking, and share in our successes.
  • Honesty: We are transparent about our work, direct about what is and is not working for students, and committed to being an authentic partner.
  • Courage: We know that all students can succeed, so we set ambitious goals to make that vision a reality - working through adversity, discomfort, and inevitable setbacks to make meaningful progress.