Parent Choice

Ensuring families can access great schools for their children

All parents want what’s best for their kids and should have the power to choose the right school for their children from a range of high-quality options. This power is especially important for families whose children are most underserved in our schools. But right now, such families too often have access to fewer, not more, school options. Even when a family finds the right fit for their child, it’s often out of reach, due to income restraints, housing barriers, limited enrollment slots, and other challenges. It can also be difficult for families to even identify which school will best support their children, as information on school performance can be overwhelming and confusing.

Minnesota policymakers should guarantee that children—and especially those who are not getting what they need to thrive in their traditional school options—never miss out on the school that best meets their academic, social, or developmental needs. State leaders should ensure that families can make an informed choice from a range of high-quality options, and then have access to whatever choice they make for their children. This work requires advocates to call on the state to make school performance information more accessible, hold all school options more accountable to families, level the playing field when it comes to access, and much more. Join us.

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