Teacher Licensure

Helping school leaders hire the very best teachers

A great teacher can quite literally change a child’s life. But for too long, Minnesota school leaders have faced barriers to hiring the best candidates for the job because of outdated licensure rules. Great teachers enter the profession through multiple pathways, and bring a combination of experience, content knowledge, and instructional skills, all of which school leaders should be able to consider when seeking to hire the best teachers for their students.

After years of advocacy, educators and policymakers finally succeeded in developing a new teacher licensure system that sets a bar for entry into the classroom, while allowing school leaders to hire great teachers from a variety of backgrounds, not just those with a certain number of college credits. Now, we must ensure that this new system is implemented well and removes barriers that for too long have kept talented teachers out of the Minnesota classrooms, where they can make a huge difference in our children’s—and our state’s—future.

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