School Discipline

Improve school discipline to keep students in school

There is growing concern among Minnesota families and agreement across the aisle that current approaches to school discipline are not working: Research shows that students who are suspended or expelled are less likely to succeed in school, which has long-term consequences for students and our state as a whole. We need to take proactive measures to keep students on track to graduate and succeed in the workforce, and out of the school-to-prison pipeline.

Contact the chairs of the education committees in the House and Senate today to ask that they hold a hearing on the Student Inclusion and Engagement Act (HF2109/SF1861). This comprehensive, community-informed bill that would encourage schools to find alternatives to school dismissals and work instead to keep students in class, where they need to be in order to learn and grow. By investing in strategies that improve student behavior long-term, and supporting educators to execute these strategies effectively, we can ensure that all students stay on track for success.

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