Giving families clear information on their schools

Families want clear information about how their local schools are doing. Whether they want to celebrate their school’s successes, know when their school needs more support, or explore the best options for their kids, they need a straightforward way to make sense of school outcomes. Minnesota policymakers should develop a user-friendly dashboard that includes information on academics, school climate, and more, alongside clear school-performance ratings. This would give families a quick, concise way to understand how schools are doing overall, and a chance to dig in deeper on the factors that matter most to them.

To deliver this kind of information to families, it’s critical that, once a year, all students take the same test that measures whether they’re on track for success. Though important, this test doesn’t need to be a burden to students, educators, and families; state leaders can improve how schools administer tests and how quickly the results are available.


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