We believe that to improve local conversations on education, and ultimately student outcomes, the voices of those most impacted—students, families, and educators—need to be front and center.

That’s where EdVoices comes in. Through this program, we help community members weigh in on the education challenges and solutions that matter most to them—and in the way that works best for them. Some EdVoices contributors are writers, others are artists; some have a lot to say on just one education issue, while others want to cover many topics through a series of contributions. No matter their interests and preferences, we support each contributor through brainstorming, editing, and distribution. And, to compensate them for their time and work, we provide a stipend for up to four contributions, for a total of up to $550.

Contributions can include:

  • Posts for the EdAllies blog;
  • Opinion pieces in local or national media publications (we can help you place them!);
  • Videos for social media (we can help you create them!); and
  • Visual or other art forms, such as poetry, music, and infographics.


  • Shares our vision of a Minnesota where every student succeeds in a rigorous and engaging education.
  • Has a clear point of view on education in Minnesota, informed by their unique perspective as a current or recent student, a preK-12 parent or guardian, or an educator.
  • Is deeply passionate about specific education topics (e.g., school discipline reform, teacher diversity), and self-motivated to share their perspectives on these issues.
  • Is an excellent communicator, whether through writing, art, public speaking, video, etc.
  • Enjoys collaboration and feedback.


We accept EdVoices applications on a rolling basis. To apply, please send an email explaining (1) why your perspective on education is unique, (2) issues you might want to tackle in your contributions, and (3) your preferred media (blog posts, videos, etc.) to mhager@edalliesmn.org, with “EdVoices application” as the subject line.