Project Manager, Community Action Team

Alex Jacques

Alex is an independent consultant bringing a decade of experience in education, organizing, and advocacy to the EdAllies team. Alex began his career teaching K-12 vocal music in the Columbia Heights Public School District where he also served as a member of the district equity team. During that time, he received a Graduate Certificate in Culturally Responsive Teaching. Interested in supporting leaders, he transitioned from the classroom and became an organizer at Educators for Excellence-MN, where he's since served in several capacities, most recently as Deputy Director. During his time at E4E, Alex worked arm-in-arm with equity-minded educators, helping to advance student-centered policy solutions to discipline disparities, teacher diversity, teacher preparation, equitable school funding, and more. Alex was an inaugural fellow of the New Leaders Council-Twin Cities. After completing the fellowship, he served one term as a National Diversity Trainer and member of the local board. Alex is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, and is currently freelancing to support organizational leaders' work in DEI, program and project management, strategic planning, public narrative, and fundraising.