February 5, 2018

Caucus to Get Education Equity in Your Party’s Platform

By Josh Crosson

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, Minnesota caucus-goers can shape their political parties’ priorities—and spark change for the state’s students and schools. By helping to change laws, defend sound policy, and signal their members’ priorities to elected officials, the state’s political parties can be instrumental in strengthening our public schools. At this week’s caucuses (find your caucus location here), you can introduce student-centered resolutions to shape your party’s platform, and, eventually, public policy impacting students. Here’s how.


Caucuses are an important first step in the election process. During caucuses, you can influence your political party to support the candidates, the delegates, and the issues or ideas you support. These issues are called resolutions. If you convince other attendees at your caucus to support your resolution, the party will take it to the next step: the political convention. Eventually, your resolution could become part of the official party platform, which serves as the framework of what parties will prioritize and how endorsed candidates should approach policy.

At some point during your caucus, there will be an invitation for attendees to propose resolutions. At this time in the evening, simply indicate to your precinct leader that you have a resolution (or multiple resolutions!).


Below are student-centered resolutions you can introduce to encourage your party be a driving force for improving our schools. Then, you can help usher through your resolution to the finish line by becoming a delegate.

Resources for students most in need

I move the party support the equitable distribution of resources by guaranteeing schools that serve high-poverty students and students of color have access to necessary funding, facilities, and a committed workforce.

Increase teacher diversity

I move the party acknowledge that teachers of color improve learning for all students and are a statewide shortage area. The party should support helping schools recruit and retain teachers of color.

Make data-driven improvements

I move the party support providing teachers and families with meaningful student data so they know how students are doing, and schools and policymakers understand which school-level strategies are and are not working to help students grow.

Teacher licensure

I move the party allow school leaders hire from the widest, most diverse talent pools and bring on board high-quality teachers who can show their effectiveness in various ways.

School choice

I move the party empower Minnesota families by supporting their right to choose from an array of high-quality school options that best meet their children’s needs.

Print these resolutions out here.

And find your caucus location here.

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