Families, educators, and students themselves need a voice in conversations about education practices and policymaking. Through the EdAllies blog, we elevate diverse perspectives to foster a candid dialogue about what students need and how schools can support them. We also regularly report back on our policy work, keeping our partners in-the-know on key issues.

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A Big Session Lies Ahead for Kids. What Are We Working On This Year?

With a new year comes a new session of the Minnesota Legislature! While things are just kicking off this week, […]

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Josh Crosson

Why Do Prospective Teachers of Color Walk Away? Join the Community Action Team

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MDE is Getting a New Commissioner. Who Should Gov. Walz Appoint?

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Twice Exceptional Students and their Educational Rights

MCA proficiency trend lines drop for both math and reading between 2018-22, with math falling further than reading

Benchmarking Student Data Is Key to Understanding Proficiency

July 2022 Research Rundown

The Broken Promise of Advanced Coursework for Students of Color (Like Me)

A Wrap on the 2022 Session: Nothing Happened in the Room Where it Happens

Guest Post

Virginia Gutierrez

Legislators Need to Know What I Learned About Exclusionary Discipline

A Student Take: 7 Ways to Improve Student Mental Health

Students are Fighting Mental Health Challenges Every Day. Who’s Going to Help?

What Are You? Putting an End to Guessing Games with Disaggregated Data

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Kara Cisco

Racist Incidents are Increasing. Can Ethnic Studies Address the Problem?

MN Youth Can’t Succeed without Proper Access to Mental Health Support

Experiencing MN’s Patterns of Exclusion in Advanced Coursework

Fighting for Our Kids: Special Education Services Need an Overhaul. But Will MN Invest?

In the Homestretch of Session, What’s Up for Debate in Education? Kids Deserve a Deal

The Time to Prioritize Literacy is Now

New Bill Would Put Free, Accessible Period Products in Schools—and Keep Kids in Class

Buckle Up! A Unique Session Ahead with High Stakes for Kids

Four Qualities of an Effective Ethnic Studies Teacher

Attention Minnesota Teachers: New Literacy Training is Here

We’re Tackling School Nutrition. Here’s Why Policymakers Should Care Too.

Students Don’t Need Mindful Moments. They Need Change.

December 2021 Research Rundown

November 2021 Research Rundown

Less Than Half of MN Students Completed the FAFSA. It’s Time for State Action.

Black Boys: Love Them, Nurture Them, Empower Them

October 2021 Research Rundown

From Parent to Parent: Seeing Each Other Amidst Uncertainty

September 2021 Research Rundown

A Back-to-School Q&A: What MN Students Are Saying

What Parents Want Teachers to Know

The Pandemic Harmed Kids’ Learning: 3 Important Next Steps

Preparing for MCA Scores: 6 Strategies to Address Lost Learning

August 2021 Research Rundown

5 Things Educators Can Do in the Middle of a CRT Controversy

MDE Decides How They Will Spend ARP Money

July 2021 Research Rundown

Declining Enrollment Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

June 2021 Research Rundown

Atypical Symptoms of Autism Meant My Daughter Went Years Without the School Support We Needed

Legislators Finally Reach a Deal on K-12 Bill. What Did (& Didn’t) Make the Cut?

As a First-Gen College Student, High-Level High School Courses Made the Difference in my Success

Next Up: Special Session! What We’re Watching on Education

May 2021 Research Rundown

6 Responses for People in Your Life Who Want to Ban Critical Race Theory

April 2021 Research Rundown

Proposed Changes to MN Special Education Law Erode Protections for Students

No More Excuses, Minnesota: Pass Ethnic Studies Now

Don’t Forget About Us: Students are Still Missing Essential Resources for Learning

The Omnibus Bills Are Out: Where Do the Senate and House Agree (Or Disagree)?

If Schools Refuse to Support Children Who Need Special Education Services, Where Should Parents Turn?

What Does the American Rescue Plan Mean for Education in Minnesota? 

House Education Omnibus Bill: Some Good Policies with a Swing and a Miss on Teacher Licensure

Searching for Strength Following Atlanta Shootings

March 2021 Research Rundown

Are Current Licensure Proposals Really for the Benefit of Our Children?

5 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare to Address the Chauvin Trial in Your Classroom

Proposed Bill Would Hurt Struggling Students (Like I Was) the Most

Let’s Break it Down: Five Reasons Why We’re Saying “NO” to This Year’s Licensure Bill

Teachers Push Back on Licensure Changes

Free College in High School? I’m Doing It, but Too Few Students in MN Know They Can Too

Can “School Choice” Please be About Students Again?

Governor Proposes Many Steps Forward, but a Few Back

February 2021 Research Rundown

What’s in the Governor’s Education Budget?

It’s a Pandemic, Don’t Leave Students Out of the Mental Health Conversation

Will the MN House Act on Racial Justice? Why I Shared My Story

Make Rigorous Education the Default through Automatic Enrollment

First House Education Hearings Include Proposals on COVID-19 Recovery

Quick Facts on the New Federal Stimulus: What to Expect in K-12 Education

January 2021 Research Rundown

Letting Go of the Status Quo to Put Students at the Center

Criticality, Neutrality, and the State of Civics in America

Family Engagement Will Never Be the Same—and It Shouldn’t Be

Meet EdAllies’ 2021-22 EdVoices Cohort

Minnesota Capitol

2021 Legislative Session: Seven Issues We’re Working on for MN Kids

Learning from National Innovators Part 4: Measuring and Addressing Learning Loss 

December 2020 Research Rundown


November 2020 Research Rundown

New MN Teacher Preparation Regulations Are Almost Done

Minnesota Fall Learning Plans By the Numbers 

5 Lessons for Civics Teachers Navigating an Election Year

October 2020 Research Rundown

SOS: Save Our Black Children, End Educational Trauma

September 2020 Research Rundown

What Students Are Saying About Going Back to (Virtual) School

Stakeholders Raise Concerns Over Proposed Teacher Prep Rules

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14 Key Questions for Parents to Ask to Help Navigate this School Year

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A Student Perspective: Bullying in the Age of COVID-19

Image introduces the August 2020 Research Rundown

August 2020 Research Rundown

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Celebrating Our Best Teachers by Keeping them in the Classroom

Learning From National Innovators Part 3: Educating Students During COVID-19

10 Things All MN Schools Must Do Next School Year, No Matter Their Model

Special Session Round-Two Ends with Nothing Accomplished for Students

Young Black student painting at a table

Implicit Bias in Distance Learning: Students Weigh-In on Educators’ Expectations

Public Eye is on Education. Will this Translate to Action During Special Session?

July 2020 Research Rundown

MN Parents Tell MDE That Distance Learning Didn’t Go Well